To support urban First Nations, Mètis, and Inuit people in pursuing Mno Bimaadziwin (a good life) through quality programming that welcomes the participation of our non-Indigenous neighbours. We advocate for full urban Indigenous social and cultural resurgence and economic prosperity.


Healthy relationships will serve as the foundation of our business and services to community. NBIFC will become the primary welcoming community gathering place for urban Indigenous peoples where culture is celebrated, friendships are made, traditional knowledge and skills are shared, and good times are enjoyed.


The NBIFC operates on the value system of the Seven Grandfather teachings.

Manaaji’idiwin / Respect

Sharing and giving of ourselves in the provision of services Demonstrating respect for children, youth, adults, and elders.

Dabasendizowin / Humility

Humility is to know that you are a sacred part of creation. Live life selflessly and not selfishly.

Gwekwaadziwin / Honesty

Being truthful in interactions with others, being open and direct, fulfilling commitments, and listening with open minds and hearts.

Zoongidi’ewin / Courage

Having the emotional and moral strength to do what is right even when facing difficult situations.

Zaagi’idiwin / Love

Expressing love for all creation, showing kindness and compassion and working toward a state of harmony in all areas of life.

Nibwaakaawin / Wisdom

Taking time to reflect on everything we experience and seizing the opportunities to acquire new perspectives, insights and skills as we interact with our colleagues, children, youth, families and Elders.

Debwewin /Truth

Living in ways that promote integrity, harmony, and trust in all of our relationships.