Indigenous Children’s Wellness Program

The Indigenous Children’s Wellness Program promotes positive development and life choices of Urban Indigenous children ages 7 – 14 who have experienced violence. The ICW program is grounded in cultural traditions providing a sense of belonging and pride in each individual. The program offers a variety of strategies such as one-to-one activities, group activities, and family circles to encourage positive behaviour, and wholistic well-being, and to address intergenerational experiences of violence, each tailored to the individual and family’s needs. The program will guide children in recognizing violence and gaining the understanding that violence is not a normal aspect of life. Through personal support and cultural resources, the program provides children with education and knowledge to help on their healing journey and promote optimal levels of understanding, reasoning and daily success after violence has occurred.

Vacant Position – Indigenous Children’s Wellness Program Worker


Phone: 705-472-2811 Ext: 405