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Become a Reconciliation North Bay Associate Today!

E-mail Nusha Ramsoondar at to request regular updates via email, or to let us know you’d like to get involved. You can also join us at the next Community Action Circle meeting at the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre.

Reconciliation North Bay Associates include:

  • the Urban Aboriginal Strategy Coordinator and working group members;
  • representatives from local organizations, businesses, and institutions;
  • designated representatives from Nipissing First Nation and the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre; and
  • youth representation
  • Associate members may appoint an Associate Member Chair.

Associate Member Roles: 

This more hands-on membership group is part of the broader RNB network and participates in RNB meetings and events.

  1. Responsible for making recommendations on reconciliation activities.
  2. Responsible for promoting reconciliation in the Associate member’s own organization.
  3. Responsible for undertaking research and sharing wise practices in reconciliation.
  4. Responsible for communicating reconciliation efforts and successes.
  5. If possible, providing more hands-on administrative, communications and event support.

Associate Member Responsibilities:

  1. Members will support and promote the evolving Vision, Mission, and Objectives of Reconciliation North Bay.
  2. Members are expected to participate in RNB sessions and cultivate a collegial relationship with the North Bay community to promote Reconciliation. 
  3. Regular meeting attendance is expected.  
  4. Members may be asked to assist with special projects.
  5. RNB members will be asked to declare any conflicts of interest and refrain from participating in any related discussions.

Please view the Terms of Reference for 2018 below!

Terms of Reference