Indigenous Community Justice Program

The ICJP is a program offered at the North Bay Indigenous Friendship Centre. The program is based on Indigenous concepts of justice and traditional teachings, these provide a meaningful alternative to the mainstream criminal justice system.

The ICJP uses a combination of the collaborative and restorative justice models, which are rooted Indigenous traditions.  It focuses on taking responsibility for actions, healing, and in addressing root causes of crime rather than using conventional court ordered punishment approaches.  When possible, the program engages clients in a healing process.

What does the Indigenous Community Justice Program do?

  • Provides support to the Indigenous Community on justice and court related issues, to address the over-representation of Indigenous peoples in the justice system
  • Diverts Indigenous individuals (Status, Non-Status, Metis and Inuit) in the North Bay area who have been charged with a summary offence
  • Enables and empowers Indigenous community members to grow towards healing, restoration and reconciliation
  • Increases the accountability of the accused, and encourages the individual to take responsibility for their actions
  • Creates a healing process that includes a culturally based Healing Plan which targets the root causes of harmful and unlawful behavior
  • Restores responsibility for administration of justice in Indigenous communities through healing and education

The Community Justice Program Coordinator is responsible for establishing and maintaining key relationships with the Indigenous community, justice personnel and those involved in the program as it is a precursor to the success of the program.

Pearl Sandy – Community Justice Program Worker

Contact Information:


Phone: 705-472-2811 ext 207