Children’s Mental Health

Children’s Mental Health

The program is designed to support the mental wellness and development of urban Aboriginal children and youth.

It is a service that offers individual or group counselling, therapy, crisis and/ or brief intervention and support groups.

Children and youth usually require our services when there is an identified need for emotional, social, behavioral, adjustment and psychiatric support.

We offer a culturally safe and confidential space for children, youth and families to acquire the support they need.

Our bi-cultural services include but are not limited to:

  • Direct and supportive counseling to children, youth and families
  • Facilitating groups for children, youth and families
  • Needs and strengths-based service and treatment planning
  • Crisis and brief intervention services
  • Specialized psychosocial and needs based assessments
  • Support of Elders and other cultural resource people to ensure culturally safe service
  • Educational workshops and support groups for parents, caregivers and service providers
  • Evidence-based contemporary mental health and addictions services, including harm reduction strategies, school-based screening, addictions assessment and treatment services

Eligibility for our program is based on the following criteria:

  • Children and youth ages 0-18
  • Self-identify as Aboriginal, Metis or Inuit, status or non-status
  • Urban Aboriginal living in North Bay

Marianne Daur 

Contact information: 


Phone: 705-472-2811 ext 247

John Gore  

John is a member of the College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and has a background in working with children and youth. Much of his work involves counseling, crisis intervention and behavior intervention. He also provides advocacy for clients in the community.

Contact information: 


Phone: 705-472-2811 ext 248