Children & Youth Wellness

(Children’s Mental Health and Addictions Worker)

The Children’s Mental Health and Addictions program will provide culturally appropriate direct support and services to Aboriginal children and youth up to the age of 18 years of age who have identified mental health and/or addictions issues including social, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric and/or other challenges.

The program will work closely with other community service providers to ensure that a collaborative and supportive approach is used to improve functioning and overall outcomes for Aboriginal children, youth and families.

Direct service provision for this program will include: counselling, therapy, brief intervention, group therapy and other supports deemed culturally appropriate.

In addition, services will be provided using evidence-based mental health and addictions best practices, and will be individualized and based upon an assessment of personal and familial strengths, needs and resources. We offer a WALK-IN counselling service every Monday from 4-8 pm.

If you know of anyone or are interested in accessing this service, please call 705-472-2811 ext. 240 & 241